Zoom Live Video Conferences

Dear Friend,

During the virus lockdown, we are inviting you to join our Zoom live Bible presentations using a phone, tablet or PC.

Sunday Evenings at 6:30pm

Our speakers will lead you through important aspects of Bible teaching which will give you a better understanding of God’s Word, His purpose with this earth and how it affects you!

Bible Classes and Annual Seminars - Wednesdays at 7:30pm

All details of the talks and presentations are found under the “Bible Study” menu above. Or choose from Sunday Evenings, Bible Classes or Seminars to find out more.

Contact Justin and let him know what you’re interested in via email, WhatsApp, SMS or phone and we will let you know the link before each event so you can take part.

Seminar Feedback

Thanks so much - it was great!

Really enjoyed the Seminars and I got a lot out of them

Such a well put together series

Thanks again for everything

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Bible Talks

Every Sunday at 6:30pm. Learn about the Bible's most important messages. Everyone's welcome!

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Bible Study Class

In-depth Bible study class every Wednesday at 8pm. Followed by free refreshments.

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Annual Seminar Series

Free seminar series called "Learn to read your Bible effectively".

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