For more in-depth Bible study, come along to our Bible Class every Wednesday at 8pm. Most study evenings include a Bible reading and talk, but sometimes we do group Bible readings without a subject-specific talk. Everyone is welcome to come and join in as we all read and learn more about God’s Word. Free refreshments are available afterwards.


04-AprQuestion Evening-
11-AprBread from HeavenC.Dryland
18-AprReading evening: Deut 1, Proverbs 28, John 11Various
25-AprBusiness meeting-


02-MaySpring Seminar 1: Where is the World going?J.Giles
09-MaySpring Seminar 2: Israel’s 70th anniversary, What next?J.Rowland
16-MaySpring Seminar 3: Where are You going?J.Lowe
23-MayCrownsS Boyd
30-MayReading evening: Joshua 16, Isaiah 22, Hebrews 1 & 2Various


06-JunStudies in Hebrews: Author, recipients, the SonJ.Rowland
13-JunStudies in Hebrews: Bringing many sons unto gloryC.Wharton
20-JunThe Redemption of Ruth: types and shadowsA.Wordsworth
27-JunStudies in Hebrews: Entering into his restJ.Giles


04-JulReading evening: 1 Sam.16, Isaiah 60, Matthew 5Various
11-JulThe relatives of Saul, Samuel & DavidJ.Rowland
18-JulStudies in Hebrews: The type of MelchizedekC.Wharton
25-JulThe events of the last week of Christ’s ministryD.Evans


01-AugRecent Archaeology finds of interest to Bible studentsJ Giles
08-AugReading evening: 1 Kings2, Jeremiah29, Mark 3Various
15-AugStudies in Hebrews: Earthly & heavenly sanctuariesJ.Lowe
23-AugReading evening: 1 Kings18, Jeremiah 44, 1 Cor. 3Various
30-AugEunuchs for the Kingdom of HeavenC.Dryland


05-SepReading evening: 2 Kings 10, Ezekiel 1, 2 Cor. 5-7Various
12-SepStudies in Hebrews: A body you have prepared for meJ.Giles
19-SepThe Vine - in use and as a symbolJ.Rowland
26-SepMountains in the purpose of GodJ.Carpenter


03-OctThe Virtuous womanP.Dunn-Birch
10-OctStudies in Hebrews: Strangers and Pilgrims on earthM.Southgate
17-OctThe Word made FleshJ.Reid
24-OctThe battle is not yours but God’sC.Wharton
31-OctThe Ram and the He-goatJ.Giles


07-NovBusiness Meeting-
14-NovStudies in Hebrews: ‘Wherefore…’S.Bonner
21-NovReading evening: Nehemiah 9, Amos 1, 1 Timothy 1-3Various
28-NovThe Prophecy of ObadiahJ.Reid


05-DecNineveh in history & archaeologyC.Dryland
12-DecThe Chief corner Stone & the House of GodM.Southgate
19-DecZechariah - an introduction to the times & prophecyJ.Lowe
26-DecNo class -

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