For more in-depth Bible study, come along to our Bible Class every Wednesday at 8pm. Most study evenings include a Bible reading and talk, but sometimes we do group Bible readings without a subject-specific talk. Everyone is welcome to come and join in as we all read and learn more about God's Word. Free refreshments are available afterwards.


Date Preside Subject Speaker
05-Jul JMR Women in the Bible - Deborah N Griffiths
12-Jul IJL The Kings of Israel and Judah (Part 2) C Wharton
19-Jul JGG Kings of the North and South J Giles
26-Jul CJW The Kings of Israel and Judah (Part 3) C Wharton


Date Preside Subject Speaker
02-Aug DJE The Rechabites J Lowe
09-Aug JMR Josiah and his children – lessons for us (Part 1) C Dryland
16-Aug CPD Thoughts on the Wilderness Journey J Rowland
23-Aug IJL Lamentations (Part 1) M Southgate
30-Aug JGG Daily Bible Readings N/A


Date Preside Subject Speaker
06-Sep CJW Josiah and his Children (Part 2) C Dryland
13-Sep DJE Lamentations (Part 2) M Southgate
20-Sep CPD The Kings of Israel and Judah (Part 4) C Wharton
27-Sep JMR The Letter to the Romans (Part 1) D Evans


Date Preside Subject Speaker
04-Oct CJW Undesigned coincidences M Southgate
11-Oct JGG The Letter to the Romans (Part 2) D Evans
18-Oct IJL The Prophecy of Zephaniah G Lake
25-Oct DJE “Bible symbols - leaven and salt” J Lowe


Date Preside Subject Speaker
01-Nov CJW The gainsaying of Korah - the rebellion D Cooke
08-Nov JMR Business meeting N/A
15-Nov JMR Psalms of the sons of Korah D Cooke
22-Nov JGG The Letter of James R Tabusa
29-Nov IJL The Miracles of Elisha C Wharton


Date Preside Subject Speaker
06-Dec DJE Godly characteristics - compassion & longsuffering C Dryland
13-Dec JGG N.T. Groups: Herodians and Gnostics J Lowe
20-Dec CPD Daily Bible Readings N/A
27-Dec IJL The three earthquakes in Revelation J Giles

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