In an informal atmosphere attendees undertake concentrated and illuminating Bible Study on various topics, with illustrations and study notes.

If you wish to register your interest now for either the Spring or Autumn series please make contact by phoning Justin or emailing us.

Mini Series - Spring 2019 - “Trusting the Bible”

The Spring series will take place on the 1st three Wednesdays of May, starting at 7:30 pm.

Week 1, 1st MayWhat is the Bible and how did it come to usJonathan Rowland
Week 2, 8th MayEvidence of Archaeology – the Bible comes aliveJustin Giles
Week 3, 15th MayThe True Hope of the BibleJohn Lowe

Autumn 2019 - “Learn to Read the Bible effectively”

The Autumn series will take place on Tuesdays, from 24st September until 29th October, starting at 7:30 pm.

Week 1, 24th SeptemberThe Bible: Old and New Testaments – God’s plan of salvationJohn Lowe
Week 2, 1st OctoberUnderstanding important Bible prophecies in God’s planJustin Giles
Week 3, 8th OctoberJesus Christ, the centre of God’s planJohn Lowe
Week 4, 15th OctoberGod’s plan with the earth: Jerusalem and the kingdom of GodJohnathan Rowland
Week 5, 22nd OctoberGod’s plan in the first century: Preaching the GospelMartin Southgate
Week 6, 29th NovemberWhat God’s plan really means for ChristiansJustin Giles /
Martin Southgate

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