You are warmly invited to our two free Bible seminars.

The first is in May, and the second starts in September, please see details below.

To find out more, see our directions, phone John or email us.

May Mini-Seminar

Date Subject Speaker
03-May The Prophet Daniel Martin Southgate
10-May The work of Jesus Christ as a Saviour Justin Giles
17-May Prophecies of the return of Jesus Jonathan Rowland

Learn to read the Bible effectively 12 week Seminar Series

7:30 pm Tuesdays: 19th September – 5th December 2017 (God willing)

Date Subject Description Speaker
Week 1 19th Sept How we got our Bible and what it claims to be Historical background, timeline, ancient manuscripts, reliability, preservation and inspiration. M Southgate
Week 2 26th Sept Book of Genesis Creation, the fall and the flood. J Rowland
Week 3 3rd Oct God’s Promises / Covenants Promises to Abraham / David / Mary M Southgate
Week 4 10th Oct The History of Israel – Part 1 Birth of a nation to the promised land J Giles
Week 5 17th Oct The History of Israel – Part 2 Period of Judges and Kings to the Assyrian and Babylonian Exiles J Giles
Week 6 24th Oct The message of the Psalms and Prophets Messages from the Psalms and prophets; kingdom / messianic / restoration prophecies. (The period between the Testaments.) J Lowe
Week 7 31st Oct The four Gospels, Jesus and the Kingdom of God Purpose of the Gospels. Who was / is Jesus Christ. His sacrifice and resurrection. The Kingdom of God. M Southgate
Week 8 7th Nov Acts of the Apostles Ascension of Jesus / motivation of the Apostles / call of Gentiles / work of Paul. J Rowland
Week 9 14th Nov NT Letters to young Churches Purpose and content J Lowe
Week 10 21st Nov The Jews in Bible Prophecy J Rowland
A DVD – The Survivors
Week 11 28th Nov Bible Prophecy and the Kingdom of God Interactive - specific verses charted (flip chart summary) J Giles
Week 12 5th Dec An introduction to the book of Revelation J Giles
Course review, conclusion and next steps J Lowe

Saturday 9th December - Proposed visit to the British Museum, London

Whether you're a first-time Bible reader, or just want to refresh your memory on Bible basics, this series is for you! You'll be taken through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, as well as learning about the history of the Bible texts and about prophecies for our future.

The sessions are a great chance to share your interest in the Bible with others, to ask questions and discuss your ideas. You'll also get a free study folder so that you can carry on learning at home. The series finishes with a fantastic trip to the British Museum, where you can see first-hand some of the artefacts that refer to Biblical characters and were created by the civilisations mentioned in the Bible.

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