Public talks every Sunday at 6:30pm followed by free refreshments in a friendly atmosphere. A range of subjects are covered to help you discover and understand the Bible message. Everyone's welcome!

Here is an audio talk on the Coming Kingdom of Jesus, please click to download: Jesus’ Coming Kingdom - Jonathan Rowland.

December - What happened to Christianity?

30-DecThe original and true Christian hopeJ Lowe

Sunday Bible Talks - 2019

January - Trusting the Bible

06-JanWhat is the Bible and how did it come to us?J Rowland
13-JanInternal evidence for Bible reliabilityD Evans
20-JanProphecies that have come trueJ Giles
27-JanProphecies that are waiting to be fulfilledR Tremaine

February - The Promises of God

03-Feb‘Seed’ promises to Abraham, Isaac and JacobA Wharton
10-Feb‘Seed’ promises to David and to MaryS Boyd
17-FebThe promise of everlasting life - how and when?C Wharton
24-FebBlessings to all nations in God's kingdomC Dryland

March - The Teaching of Jesus’ Parables

03-MarThe Sower: Matthew 13I Lowe
10-MarThe Prodigal Son: Luke 15M Southgate
17-MarThe Nobleman: Luke 19J Reid
24-MarThe Ten Virgins: Matthew 25D Evans
31-MarThe Rich Man and Lazarus: Luke 16M Baker

April - Jesus and His Mission

07-AprHis birth and mission foretold by GodJ Giles
14-AprThe son of God, not God the SonD Giles
21-AprWhy Jesus died and why he rose againC Wharton
28-AprJesus will come back to earthC Dryland

May - Bible Truths

05-MayMiracles - did they happen?C Farnworth
12-MayThe soul of man - does it live after death?J Reid
19-MayThe Devil and Satan - real beings we need fear?J Lowe
26-MayHoly Spirit gifts - possessed today?R Perfitt

June - God’s Own People

02-JunThe Jewish fathers - Abraham, Isaac and JacobP Tomkins
09-JunIsrael, the history of God’s kingdom in the pastJ Wharton
16-JunThe scattering and regathering of the JewsA Wordsworth
23-JunThe future for IsraelM Southgate
30-JunIsrael - natural and spiritual - and ourselvesR Tabusa

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