Public talks every Sunday at 6:30pm followed by free refreshments in a friendly atmosphere. A range of subjects are covered to help you discover and understand the Bible message. Everyone's welcome!

Here is an audio talk on the Coming Kingdom of Jesus, please click to download: Jesus’ Coming Kingdom - Jonathan Rowland.

April - Remarkable Bible Prophecies

01-AprAbout the Jews - Deuteronomy 28 C Wharton
08-AprAbout World History - Daniel 2 & Daniel 7C Dryland
15-AprAbout the birth and work of ChristJ Lowe
22-AprAbout the state of the world before the return of ChristJ Toms
29-AprAbout the corruption of the Truth after the first CenturyP Tomkins

May - Bible studies

06-MayEvents in the Jordan valleyJ Weygang
13-MayThe Song of SongsD Evans
20-MayJoshua and the GibeonitesC Farnworth
27-MayHow Jesus’ death brought salvationD Evans

June - The Work of Jesus Christ

03-JunThe nature of his birth and humanityJ Rowland
10-JunHis death as the Lamb of GodA Wordsworth
17-JunHis resurrection, ascension and work as mediatorM Southgate
24-JunWhat will Jesus do when he returns?C Dryland

July - The Jews in God’s Purpose

01-JulThe call of Abraham, Isaac and JacobC Wharton
08-Jul Moses, prince and delivererJ Reid
15-JulIsrael, God’s kingdom in the pastJ Giles
22-JulThe scattering and regathering of IsraelJ Lowe
29-JulThe hope and future of Israel M Southgate

August - Parables of Jesus

05-AugWhat they teach us The sower and the taresD Evans
12-AugTalents and pounds and labourers in the vineyardJ Rowland
19-AugThe prodigal son and the two debtorsC Wharton
26-AugThe wedding feast and the 10 virginsC Dryland

September - The Bible: God’s Inspired Word

02-SepThe Bible: How it was written and inspired by GodJ Reid
09-SepThe Bible’s remarkable preservation through historyJ Giles
16-SepThe Bible’s absolute consistency of teachingJ Meadows
23-SepGenesis: the seedbed of the GospelJ Rowland
30-SepRevelation: A prophecy of the fulfilment of God’s purposeR Perfitt

October - Momentous Bible Events

07-OctNoah’s floodM Southgate
14-Oct David and the slaying of GoliathR West
21-OctDaniel at Belshazzar’s feastJ Rowland
28-OctJesus’ resurrection on the 3rd DayC Wharton

November - What Pleases God

04-NovFaith: without it we cannot please Him (Hebrews 11.6)D Evans
11-NovRecognising sin- humility and repentanceJ Reid
18-NovAccepting Jesus Christ as Son of God our SaviourF Algar
25-NovSpreading the Gospel, living the lifeC Dryland

December - What happened to Christianity?

02-DecWhy are there so many Christian churches?S Bonner
09-DecThe introduction of the doctrine of the TrinityJ Giles
16-DecThe belief that people have an immortal soulE Coverley
23-DecThe meaning of ‘devil’ and ‘satan’ in the BibleD Giles
30-DecThe original and true Christian hopeJ Lowe

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