Public talks every Sunday at 6:30pm followed by free refreshments in a friendly atmosphere. A range of subjects are covered to help you discover and understand the Bible message. Everyone's welcome!

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January - God

Date Subject Speaker
01-Jan The Great Creator Justin Giles
08-Jan His word inspired John Lowe
15-Jan God's promises to Abraham and David Martin Southgate
22-Jan His plan of redemption in Jesus Roland Tremaine
29-Jan His coming kingdom Jonathan Rowland

February - The Parables of Jesus

Date Subject Speaker
05-Feb The Good Samaritan Simon Boyd
12-Feb The lost coin, sheep and son Colin Dryland
19-Feb The Ten Virgins David Evans
26-Feb The Rich Man and Lazarus Clifford Wharton

March - Christianity Today

Date Subject Speaker
05-Mar The basis of Christian teaching Martin Southgate
12-Mar The role of women in the church Ian Giles
19-Mar Do you believe what they believed? Justin Giles
26-Mar Belief in the afterlife John Lowe

April - Bible Characters

Date Subject Speaker
02-Apr Noah Martin Southgate
09-Apr Abraham Andrew Longman
16-Apr Ruth Kelvin Giles
23-Apr David Maurice Collishaw
30-Apr Daniel Clifford Wharton

May - Great Speeches of Paul

Date Subject Speaker
07-May At Antioch - Acts 13 Colin Dryland
14-May At Athens - Acts 17 Martin Southgate
21-May To the Ephesian Elders - Acts 20 Justin Giles
28-May Before Festus and Agrippa - Acts 26 David Evans

June - Israel

Date Subject Speaker
04-Jun Birth of a nation Clifford Wharton
11-Jun Israel's dispersion Jonathan Rowland
18-Jun The miracle of modern Israel Martin Southgate
25-Jun Israel's future Justin Giles

July - Basic Bible Teaching

Date Subject Speaker
02-Jul The one true God Colin Dryland
09-Jul The Holy Spirit Clifford Wharton
16-Jul Sin and death Duncan Cooke
23-Jul The devil and satan John Lowe
30-Jul Resurrection and judgement Jonathan Rowland

August - Questions People Ask

Date Subject Speaker
06-Aug Why get married? Martin Southgate
13-Aug What did Jesus do for us? Kelvin Giles
20-Aug Is God in control of the world? Geoffrey Mitchell
27-Aug What is Jesus coming for? Jamie Wallace

September - The Gospel of the Kingdom of God

Date Subject Speaker
03-Sep Promised to Abraham and David Richard Perfitt
10-Sep The message of the prophets Matt Snelling
17-Sep Taught by Jesus and the apostles Alex Wordsworth
24-Sep What the gospel means to you John Lowe

October - What did Jesus mean when he said...

Date Subject Speaker
01-Oct Love your enemies? Gary Whiting
08-Oct The meek shall inherit the earth? Colin Dryland
15-Oct The Son of Man is Lord of the sabbath? David Evans
22-Oct The Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect? Dan Giles
29-Oct I am the resurrection and the life? Jonathan Rowland

November - The Kingdom of God

Date Subject Speaker
05-Nov Origins in the Past Mark Hamilton
12-Nov Jesus' role as the future king Jon Goodwin
19-Nov What is it and what will it be like? Stephen Bonner
26-Nov Signs that it is near Martin Southgate

December - The Lord Jesus Christ

Date Subject Speaker
03-Dec Foretold in the Old Testament John Lowe
10-Dec His birth and ministry Justin Giles
17-Dec His sacrifice Clifford Wharton
24-Dec Witnesses to his resurrection Jonathan Rowland
31-Dec An evening of reading and singing David Evans

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